Our Beans

Our coffee from Rwanda

Our first origin relationship started after a trip to Rwanda in late 2018, where we met our partners at Twongerekawa Coko Cooperative Society. Our most recent roast is from their brand new “honey-washed” lots, an experimental washing process they developed over the last three years.

Coko realizes that empowered women make for empowered communities: eight of the twelve members of their leadership council are women. Frequent community meetings offer a forum for women to lead investment and development discussions, and the cooperative runs several equal-opportunity education and entrepreneurship programs.

Coko has re-invested the premiums that buyers like us pay to build a rainwater catchment system and increase their biodiversity efforts. They’ve recently joined forces with their neighbor cooperative, Abakundakawa, to start a nursery for fruit and shade trees and introduce agroforestry practices to their members. These are examples of the type of localized, high-impact sustainability efforts that will allow smallholder farmers to weather fast-approaching climate change challenges.

Tasting notes: coffee blossom, candied orange, juicy.

Our coffee from Nicaragua

Our second edition of Fucking Strong Coffee comes from Nueva Segovia, a northern Nicaraguan province.

We partner with Expocamo, an inspiring specialty coffee exporter who focuses on direct-trade and traceable quality.

Expocamo is working to raise the profile of Nicaraguan specialty coffee by building long-term relationships between their network of small coffee producers and specialty roasters around the globe. Their commitment to trust, transparency and honesty underlies everything they do.

Expocamo is focused on sustainable development for farmers and their communities. Their team of agronomists and coffee professionals work closely with their growers to steadily increase crop quality and improve the region’s agricultural health.

Taste: chocolate, forest fruits, lighter body.